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Flexible Seating in the Classroom

Congratulations to Tracy Dorcil and Amanda Logan Ghostlaw again for their grant “Flexible Seating In The Classroom”. These teachers have both transformed their classrooms and are ready for their students. Look at these amazing dry erase tables and wobble seats! Thank you for having BEF Board Members to your rooms today for a tour. Sure is AMAZING work you've done to get to this point. Congratulations! Thanks to our lovely student model as well.


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Bellingham Robotics Program Attends First Competition

Mr. Haddad submitted and was awarded a Grant for Robotics within the Bellingham High School. The Robotics Team attended their first competition recently, where the robot they created was able to participate and compete in matches against other clubs.

BHS Robotics Club

(l-r) Jeff Prescott (mentor), Connor Gonthier, Kyle Marquez, Justin Mantegani, Patrick Prescott (mentor), and Patrick Callahan (mentor)

BHS Robotics Team

(l-r) Connor Gonthier, Dr. Woodie Flowers (FIRST National Advisor), Justin Mantegani, and Kyle Marquez.

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